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"Such books that make us happy we can, if need be, write ourselves."
I think it was Kafka who said it, and I took it literally.

I like ideas. I think that's what my little writer-world consists of. I often start out with good intentions but somehow I end up being bored with what I write and start something new. There, warned you, so don't come crying to me if the story you begin reading suddenly ends...

I write fantasy, urban fantasy, and the odd sci-fi fic. But it is all m/m. That's two (or more *ahem*) men in a relationship, often of a sexual nature. If that's not for you, then my stories are not for you either.

To all of you who are reading my fiction, I recommend you check out this post in my lj for my "game plan" as far as my writing goes.


Tiger and the Raven


 A sorcerer and a prince



 A deity expelled



 A struggle to prove one's worth

Raven and the Wolf


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Urban Fantasy

31 Black Pearls


 A vampire story

Once upon a time


 It just said *click*

The Shadow Diaries



This site contains Yaoi/Slash fiction and art
which means homoerotic scenes and scenarios.
If you are not 18 or older
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Thank you!