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Raven and the Wolf

Thrown out and accused of trickery by his father, Raven finds himself in the hands of a woman with unimaginable power. Held captive by Mistress Chatrina's selfishness and greed, Myche and his master Breyre need to escape, and Raven is the only one who can help them. But Breyre’s need to seek revenge threatens to bring him nothing but hatred, having him exiled from his people... or worse.

This story is a self-published ebook. On this page here I have gathered a few odds and ends concerning the story, and more will certainly come in future. ^_^

If any of this catches your attention, you can find the whole story on Smashwords.com under my pen name Mari Evers.

NEW! Now also in paperback at lulu.com. \^_^/

Thank you.

Premise - a map that will surely be updated as we go.

Characters - a family tree spanning a few generations and three of the Holds. Warning: large image.

Ratings? - what they stand for so you know what to expect.

Side stories from the book

- contains spoilers for the book





Rurien of the Willow


Rurien is not a happy dancer


At long last


What Myche and Eckien got up to the night before the Hold ceremony


Character sketches





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