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These links here could keep you surfing the web for endless hours, so beware. ;0)

Endless resources for reading:


Goodreads - you can find ANY book.


More reading!

Art galleries that are a must:

Elfwood - fantasy and sci-fi gallery

Epilogue - fantasy and sci-fi gallery

Mim's little corner

Here's my own Elfwood gallery

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CafePress - one of my shops
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My inspirations:


- Great anime inspired art!

Min Rho

- Make sure you check out her ART!

- Stephanie Pui-Mun Law's site. wonderful watercolors.

- Stephanie D. Lostimolo.

- Silverstris - where dreams are.

- Jo's art is bound to make your eyes pop!

- a japanese site but darn great pics.

- gotta love that Bob! ^__~

Not for the prude or faint of heart:

Bishonen Works

- an amazing site with bishonen boys in both art and fiction. *drool* warning!

Juxtapose Fantasy

- a site with original yaoi fiction. visit at your own risk!


- both original and fanfiction. FF8 and Weiss Kreuz is the main attraction!

Distant Horizons

- wonderful, imaginative original fiction from other worlds.

The Shadow Diaries

- Lovely original fiction! Angels or demons? Wings!

Ann Somerville

- amazing original fiction with enough angst to last a lifetime.

Cats dreams

- Weiss Kreuz as you haven't seen them before. wonderful AU fictions!

Circle of Hell

- lots of fanfiction. FF and Weiss Kreuz and others.


- the site for the yaoi convention! Yowza!

Others I drop by now and then:


- fantasy and sci-fi book store in Stockholm. this place has EVERYTHING!


- has lots of DVD's *purrrr*


additional info:

I take no responsibility for where the links take you and wether or not you can handle it. When you click and leave, you're on your own.